Friday, March 6, 2009

To Do List

I have a very busy day ahead of me. I've got all sorts of things to take care of that I've put of doing.

  • Oil changed in the car.
  • Car insepected (it expired in January).
  • The front end is making a weird noise that needs to be looked at.
  • The post office.
  • Ink for the printer.
  • Trash dump.
  • Laundry.
  • Clean the house.
  • Plant shrubs I ordered.
  • More stuff to Goodwill.
  • Find a husband (just kidding)(not)(maybe).
  • Take pants to be hemmed.
  • Sort through other closet.
  • Put new mattress on bed, remove old one.
  • Start on my school assignment.
  • Watch movie I purchased last month.
  • Unpack chairs I ordered when FedEx shows up.

I'm curious to see how much actually gets done today!

Update: Red items are those completed thus far.


Bob said...

Your list makes me wanna go back to bed!

Good luck!

John said...

I'm tired after reading the list! Pace yourself and don't hurt anything vital!

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