Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Southern Eye Candy

Oh My Gosh! There were some pretty men at the Southern Spring Show today! I chatted up as many as possible about their wares without being too obvious. Especially the ones without wedding bands! It worked too! I didn't get a single marriage proposal, nor phone number. But dang, I had fun. Didn't buy anything for myself but got lots of business cards for "follow up" information. (wink) My mother purchased a birdhouse shaped like an outhouse! There is no counting for taste. I try to give her decorating instructions, but she must have turned off her hearing aides. There were some beautiful displays to go along with the beautiful, helpful men. I also noticed something about myself. When I'm out with my mother, if I connect eyes with some guy, I quickly turn away. What's that all about? I don't recall doing that when I was younger, in better shape or out by myself. Maybe it's a combination of age and my mother. Or because I've put on so much weight. Whatever! I had a great time nonetheless. I got some really cool ideas for the yard and my garden. Now, where is my protractor?

1 comment:

Lemuel said...

After hearing that you spent the day with beautiful menz, I can only comment: I've heard it called many things. ...but a "protractor"?! *wink*

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