Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What Type of Fruit Are You?

You Are a Pear

You are independent, intelligent, and a free thinker.

You can accomplish great things, especially when you do them on your own.

You are direct, honest, and sometimes even a bit brutal.

There's not much that gets in the way of you and your ambition.

While you are hard nosed, you do have a much sweeter side to you.

It takes times for you to soften toward someone, but once you do, you'll be their friend for life.


Bob said...

You know, Dave, at first i was a little insulted.
Is that a gay jab?

I am an Orange. I have a zest, an orange zest if you will, for life, especially for anything colorful, wild, or dramatic.
I have a unique take on the world, and am not afraid to be a little funky.
This is true,
I am a bit reserved toward people who don't know me well.
This is also true.
I have a thick skin, which can protect me from anything that goes wrong in life.
For the most part.

Orange you glad I took the test?

CJ said...

As many oranges as I've eaten lately I should be a citrus but I'm more pear shaped than not. :(

Ur-spo said...

I am a tomato

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