Saturday, December 26, 2009

20 Things About Me

  1. I'm a romantic at heart. I love to be wooed. Come on too strong, and I'll resist.

  2. I always think the best of people, give the benefit of the doubt, until either proven wrong or it's too late.

  3. I trust easily and I'm often disappointed because of it.

  4. I have a wicked, twisted sense of humor. I love to laugh and love to make people laugh.

  5. My last true vacation, not unemployment, was in March 1989, to visit my best friend who moved to Tampa FL. I moved there in April.

  6. Some of my deepest hurts and disappointments have come from family and friends. I always forgive them, but never forget it, though I never mention it.

  7. Some of my deepest joys and triumphs have been with the same family and friends.

  8. If I like you, I consider you a friend always, whether we speak daily or years from now.

  9. Both loves of my life, were love at first sight. I still have very fond memories of both.

  10. I'm not as arrogant or conceited as most people think I am when we first meet.

  11. I'm very loyal and trust worthy. If I can do something for someone, I will.

  12. People tell me all sorts of secrets. I never repeat them. Maybe I should have been a bartender or therapist.

  13. I have had some very dark depressive episodes in my life. They fade, but not till much damage is done. Then I spend a year or more rebuilding my life.

  14. I'm very proud of my small town roots. They have shaped my values and who I am as a person.

  15. The most I ever weighted was 252 pounds, about 18 months ago. Now I'm down to 192. I hope to lose about 20 pounds more.

  16. I was in the best shape of my life when I was in my late 30's. I weighted 175. Had a 31 inch waist, a 44 inch chest and 10% body fat. I long for that again.

  17. I enjoy music. I love it. It soothes me and helps get me out of my head for a while.

  18. I have an IQ of 113. I hoped it was more. Guess I'm smarter than some and dumber than others.

  19. I like all types of guys. I'm drawn most to the stereotypical tall, dark and handsome ones. If they aren't funny and smart, forget it.

  20. I adore my family, my friends, my dog and my life. I think I'm very fortunate to have lived it thus far.


Ray's Cowboy said...

I will respnd to your in a letter from me later.
Thank you for sharing Dave with us.

Larry Ohio said...

I'm on to you Dave. You've cloned my personality and assumed it for yourself.

Did you really think I would let you get away with this?

Ultra Dave said...

Not sure I'm following you Larry.

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