Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Where's The Party?

I have often dreamt of having a party in my new house when the time came. I wonder if anyone would come? I would like to think a few would show up, but you never know. I would hate to throw a party and no one came. I have had such limited contact with people over the years, maybe they wouldn't bother to come. Maybe they would have a better offer from someone they have had more contact with or feel closer too. I often wonder if they still consider me a friend or just someone that flitted through their life in no meaningful way. It would be great and a boost to my ego if I had made a mark in their life in some positive way. I think it is a bit sad that I can't say for sure that I have. I hope I have at least. I'm not overly concerned with the notion of an unattended party. Right now my life is in a bit of a holding pattern. I have so much going on and so many other things that will need my attention. I look forward to the day when all is done and I can get into a normal routine. The daily grind of a job is looking very attractive right now. Maybe then I can become the somewhat social butterfly I once was. Of course with those of my youth no longer here I will have to be start from scratch. Hopefully, I will still have my social graces and be considered interesting enough to be around. Only time will tell. In the meantime, my slow march forward will continue.


TomS said...

Don't worry. It's not the numbers of people who attend the party, but what your guests mean to you, and you to them. Even one other special guest can make for a swell party!

Ray's Cowboy said...

If I was closer i would be at your place having long talks you with. Picking your brain so to speak.

HELL Yes I would be at your house at your party.

witomski said...

Oh Dave.....I have stopped giving large parties for some time. Oh sure, the hoard of whores will come but I received very little or no reciprocity. What I finally realized is that I enjoyed the party planning & preparation better than the reality. Now, I hold small dinner gatherings of no more than six......close friends. Far more satisfying. Merry Christmas.....Joe

Ultra Dave said...

Thanks guys! You are all welcome to visit any time!

Rusty Truck said...

I would come for your party anytime, Dave.

Take that any way you want to. Grin.

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