Tuesday, December 22, 2009

This Time Next Year

At this time of the year, I often think about the approaching new year and what I hope it brings. Or at least what I can try to bring to fruition. This year is no different. This past year seems to have instigated some changes that will certainly carry forward. The first part of the year will be consumed with finishing up my Web Design Certificate, and maybe the start of another depending on the job market and other factors. I will continue to help my parents get things completed around their new place and ready the old place to put up for sale. There is still a shop to be built, a deck to add, a green house to move and all the landscaping for the back yard to be done. I personally still want to loose a few more pounds. Currently I'm at 192. I'd like to see that move lower to 170 or 175. Also, I like to get started working out again to tone up, provided I can make some space to get to the home gym in my spare bedroom. There is lots to do around my little place as well. That is a post in itself I think. Then sometime next year, I hope to get a job if the economy has improved. I'm hopefully that somehow it will all work out with all the other things that need to be done. And last, but not lest, I hope to start construction on my own place. While the tentative goal is to have it completed and moved into by the end of 2010, flexibility is key. I hate to push it back further, but given the odd real estate market, school, hopefully a job, and all left to do here and for my parents, it remains to be seen if we can squeeze in such a large project. I'll just have to see how everything else progresses through the year. Until all the other stuff is taken care of, I don't see me getting out and about much socially next year, though I will try to fit something in occasionally. That will limit my chances of meeting anyone I'm sure, but it would be one less complication in an otherwise overloaded calender. At this point, the to do list seems just as long as ever, but the items are certainly a bit more fun. It seems that 2010 will be another great year of change but one of some completion as well. I think it will turn out just swell!


Ray's Cowboy said...

I have faith in you and that all will get done. Dave you should be real proud of yourself and everything you have done this year.

Lemuel said...

Best wishes to you that you may accomplish those goals!

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