Thursday, December 10, 2009

School Update

Today I have the last test for school. I think I'm ready for it. If not, oh well. Unless I truly bomb on this one, I'll have a B+ or around an 88 as a final grade. If I blow it out of the water, then I'll get an A. Right now it is too close to call, with one assignment still not graded yet. As I stand now, I'm at a 94. I'm deducting 6 points from that for time missed and assuming that my grade is unchanged after the assignment and test grades are calculated in. I can live with that.
Also as a side note. I have my first winter cold taking hold today. Joy! At least it waited till the last day of class. Wish me luck!
*********Guess who made 100 on their final test? That would be me!*****************


Larry Ohio said...

Good luck Dave!

Java said...

wOOt! Good for you!
I'm finished with classes as of this afternoon, but still have a couple of final exams next week.

Enjoy the break!

Jim said...

Awesome!! Congratulations!

Lemuel said...

you da man! *grin* congratulations!!

Russ Manley said...

Way to go man! Congrats!

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