Monday, December 7, 2009

Ginger House

My father and I finally completed the house for their little dog, Ginger. That has been a chore and time consuming. She is really gonna like it though. That thing is heavy! We couldn't pick it up, and that was before we put the roof on it! We had to use the hydraulic lift to place it on the trailer before we added the roof to it, to move it to the new place. We also shingled the roof to match their house. Next is to paint it and get the fence up. What a huge project for such a small dog! She is worth it. She is the sweetest thing and she makes my parents very happy, so whatever it takes. The thing weights at least 350 pounds. She only weighs, at the most 10 or 12 pounds! But she will be joining them soon at the new place when the fence is up. I'm sure both she and my parents will be very happy about that. I can see her wagging her tail now!


TomS said...

Ginger has a sweet face! I'd love to meet her...My Basset Hound, Maggie, would have liked her!

Jim said...

Ohhh... sweet little dog!

Lemuel said...

She is a cutie!!

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