Saturday, December 26, 2009

Just Wondering

A brief list of things I'm curious about. (I'm bored and I love list.)

  1. How to attract the attention of someone you are crushing on? It seems I've forgotten how to flirt, make friends, or otherwise engage other people.

  2. What makes my blog interesting? The pics, writing, or something else? Anything you would like to suggest?

  3. Are bad people born or created? Do they know they are bad?

  4. How do you tell if someone is just being nice or friendly or really interested in you? Are there signs to watch for? Is it possible to move from friendship to romance and how?

  5. Why is everything that is yummy and tasty, filled with so many calories?


Russ Manley said...

So after all the Christmas cheer, I'm sitting here sipping my coffee this quiet morning and wondering what I can possibly blog about. And then lo and behold, you gave me some great material to work with, thanks buddy. Grin. Answers are on my blog.

TomS said...


I like the variety of your posts. Certainly, the teasing photos! Your original poems...your interactive are thoughtful..and you are loyal.

Great artists and writers have pondered and agonized over your questions about love and longing for centuries. You are in good company...and all those old masters were as stymied by the answers as you, or I.

Keep trying....cast your net wide!

Best Wishes,

Java said...

#1 - I don't know. I have forgotten how to make friends, if I ever knew. I've forgotten how to have fun, especially in a social situation.

#2 - Yes, all of the above. Keep doing what you're doing.

#3 - Bad people? My answer has changed over the last decade. The more experience I have, the more I think bad people are born that way, to some extent. It's a bit of both, but there are some people who have a natural inclination to be "bad."

4 & 5? I dunno.

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