Monday, December 14, 2009

Magical Time

Have you ever really listened to the falling snow? It reminds me of little angel kisses as it slowly drifts down. Falling sleet sounds like the tinkling of fairy wings or what I imagine them sounding like as they flutter. Days are shorter, the nights longer. There is a quietness, a stillness that wraps you up, and holds you. It calms the soul, and quiets the mind. I love this time of year. The pace seems to slow and appreciation seems deeper for all the things we rushed by the rest of the year. Homes are deliberately made cozier by hearth and candlelight. We really want our guest to be happy and feel special when they visit. Extra attention is lavished on everything from dinner menus, to mantels, to lawn ornaments. The holiday season brings out the warmest wishes. It squeezes us together with familial ties. We are more accepting, more forgiving, more tolerant. The trimmings and trappings conspire against us to be more than we are the rest of the year. We make time for family and friends like once again they are important to us, instead of delaying visits and phone calls. Amazing what this time of the year does to people. The most magical time of the year.

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Lemuel said...

Most of us find our best in ourselves, and so the age-old question arises, why can we not maintain it throughout the year?

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