Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Front and Center America

I never have completely understood the mindset of those who believe in voting for one political party over another based solely on one issue or ideology. The world we live in is complicated, so is it problems. One single anything, isn't the answer. Left, Right, Center, Independent, whatever, all have valid points. It seems to me the best approach would be to combine the best from each to do what is right for improving everyone. The country should offer the same opportunities to all it's citizens, leveling the playing field were needed. Bringing everyone up to the same level, not pulling any down in the process. While profit is nice, money should never be a bottom line for human dignity. Governments should stick to their budgets,but there are exceptions. All citizens should have education, health care, equal rights, food, clothing, shelter, basic services and infrastructure available to them. If a political party or affiliation can't or won't provide these,then it isn't good for the country, or it's people.Choices are always good. Lack of choices never lead anywhere good. And bad choices, well, we know how that turns out. Supporting what you believe in is noble, but if what you believe in isn't what improves the lives of those at the bottom, maybe you should reconsider. Patriotism is more than loving your country. It is loving the people, the principles, the ideals that make up that country. Goals that don't include that for everyone should be abandoned, along with those parties or figures that aren't as inclusive or diverse as the country itself.


Larry Ohio said...

I agree. Single-issue voters are short-sighted and ignorant.

Lemuel said...

Sean (Idle Eyes...) recently reposted an excellent essay on the conservative mindset (written by another). I was struck by your post in comparison. You speak of nobler goals, of compassion towards others, toward the good of the whole (not just the good for the self), of finding purpose beyond slavish service to ideologies. I will live in your world, Dave.

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