Sunday, December 27, 2009

Succumbing Bliss

Chest pressed close, our warmth becomes an inferno.
Consuming time and space.
My pulse races at your touch
My mind lost in desire and need.
The graze of your lips, softly against mine.
Your breath across my neck
Hold me closer, while all logic and reason dissipates.
My resistance worn down.
Succumbing to your whispers.
Following your lead.
United in body and soul, the world falls away.
On clouds we drift, lost in overdue bliss.
Losing control, I surrender to you.
My heart now yours.
Our souls touch in wondrous release.
As one, we are, coupled eternally.
The twinkle in your eye, the heaven I see.
The completeness of me.


Jim said...

Wow! That's really great Dave!

Peter said...

Man, you know your words!

Ray's Cowboy said...

I love this one allot. I have emailed you blog email.

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