Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Scholastic Achievment

I'm so glad that this semester is almost over. Only 5 more classes! I've done really well in both of them, despite myself somehow. I have 2 more graded assignments, one quiz and one big test left in the afternoon class. The evening class all graded work is finished. We just have to coast to the finish line in it. I couldn't be happier! I've managed to keep my absences to a minimum for the evening class. I have 3 too many in the afternoon. I'm fairly confident that I will pass my remaining graded work so if they do deduct any points, I should still have about 88 or 89 in that class. Not an "A", but I'll take it.

I'm feeling kinda proud of myself about the whole thing. Next semester begins on January 6, 2010. I'll have a little down time after this one finishes up! Looking forward to that! And all my classes are on the same campus to boot! Now if I can get my computer fully operational again beforehand, without spending a small fortune, I'll be beside myself with glee!


Lemuel said...

Congratulations! Keep with the effort to the end! I am so very happy for your success!

Java said...

Congratulations!! That's great news. Doesn't it feel good to get these positive tokens of achievement? I'm looking at 2 more weeks of class and finals. In the one biggie class I have a serious report yet to do, one that will significantly impact my grade. I'm stressing over it, but will somehow pull it off in the end. (that sounds funny)

Ur-spo said...

going to school in this day and age must be quite different than when I was there, 20 years ago.

Larry Ohio said...

Great news Dave! I'm very happy for you :-)

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