Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Beautiful Delivery

Wow! That's all I can say. I ordered myself another egg for my collection, which arrived today. I heard Izzy bark, so I looked out and saw the UPS truck in front of the trailer. When the guy got to the door, I'm sure my jaw dropped. He looked amazingly like the fellow above in the face. Absolutely beautiful, I'm not as certain about the body since he was still in uniform, but his eyes, his jaw line, his lips. I was melting and getting weak in the knees just signing for the package. I was feeling a very strong urge/attraction to this guy. I'm sure he was aware of me staring. That is the best thing that knocked on my door in a long time. I need to order some more stuff for him to deliver. He will give me some very sweet dreams tonight. I'm already working on the fantasies.


Anonymous said...

If he came with my deliveries, I'd probably be ordering way too much stuff online just to bring him to the abode more often.

Lemuel said...

If he looked like th pic - wow! cute!

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