Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I'm Gonna Slap Vista

Doggone it! For some reason my Real Player has ceased to work properly. I can watch what I've already saved, but can't save anything new. Ugh! I've spent a great deal of time this afternoon putzing around with different things trying to fix the problem (like I really know what the problem is). I even deleted some precious music videos, ( the ones I've posted on the blog, figure I can still watch them that way). I will survive I'm sure, but I'm not certain about my laptop. I hate Windows Vista! I may have to breakdown and carry my desktop CPU to Best Buy and have them replace the internal modem thingy so I can connect to the internet on that one. I never had the problems with Windows XP that I do with Vista. Next time, I buy a Mac!


Anonymous said...

I don't have VISTA and have no hands on with it, sorry.

Usually when something stops working, it's either because of a Windows Update or some other program that made itself the default video player.

So did anything like that occur within the last 24/36/48 hours?

Anonymous said...

seriously, I switched to mac this year and have not looked back. Mac is a little slow sometimes too, but so far no major problems..thankfully

Lemuel said...

I *refuse* to go to Vista. It is the ME of this decade. Travesty! (as are most things Microsoft). For the most part I can work with my XP. When that ceases to be viable, I will go to Linux. I already have one pc with it as a trial and I am pleased with it for the most part.

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