Saturday, December 20, 2008

Winter Solstice

Have a Happy Winter Solstice!
(The shortest day and longest night of the year. The official beginning of winter.)


CJ said...

I just hope it brings some cooler temps for me. I was sweating bullets the entire time at a friends party earlier tonight. People would ask me if I was I noticed on the way home on the bank sign it was 71 degrees at almost midnight. Toss in 80% humidity and I'm one miserable puppy. Bring on winter!

Lemuel said...

According to my sources I am 22 minutes late with the greeting, but "happy winter solstice" to you in return!

I think I'll play some Windham Hill CD's in celebration - unless of course you want to come up here and we could get all Druid together. ;)

Anonymous said...

I'd gladly switch with CJ to have those warmer temps. :-) We're in "blizzard" conditions today with temps close to 0. With the Winter solstice comes subsequent days with longer amounts of light!

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