Thursday, December 18, 2008

Picking Warren

I really do understand the reason for the uproar over Obama's choice of Warren to give a prayer/blessing/invocation. But the way I see it is like this: This is a choice that he is comfortable with for a day that has great personal meaning to him as the President Elect, and as the first African American President. I'm not so idealistic that I believe I have to approve every decision he makes, nor will I hold him to some lofty, unobtainable standard that very few, if any, of us could obtain. Yes, we chose him to represent us on the world stage and thus far he has excelled. I believe he will continue to do so in the coming administration. He has shown that his will truly be inclusive and that is how I see this choice. Inclusion should also be about your opposition. The old saying, "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer", comes to mind. The best way to win over an enemy is to befriend them not ostracize them. Pulling them close to you is the best way to change their hearts and minds to your cause, by showing them there isn't anything to fear in the unknown. I think Obama has done a splendid job of this so far with all of his choices.

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rptrcub said...

Sorry. There is no "dialogue" (as Obama's talking points put it) with someone who compares same-sex marriage and our relationships to incest. None.

I'm disappointed in O, true. All I can hope for now is that he can get this sour economy back on track. And all I can be grateful for is that the Rev. Joseph Lowery is giving the benediction.

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