Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Great New Year's Past

One of my favorite memories that involves my ex, concerns ringing in the New Year for 2000. I had been mentioning to him for a week or more that I wanted him to make sure he was home early enough so we could celebrate together that night. As it grew dark, he still wasn't home, so I called him on his cell phone. He was still hanging out with his coke dealer buddy. I wasn't that surprised but a little miffed. He promised he would be here, but I didn't put much faith into it at that point in our relationship. I decided I would start early without him. About 8pm, I fixed myself a strong rum and coke. I flipped through channels getting an idea of what was scheduled for the evening. There was all kinds of stuff from around the world as the global community prepared to ring in the new millennium. It was awesome. If I had to watch this unfold by myself, I was gonna beat him when he got home. Nine o'clock came and went. Still not home. I called again. Same story, he would be here. At 10pm, he rolls in. I'm already buzzed from a few drinks but when he showed up, my anger subsided. We talked, drank, watched the tube. Hanging out together. The celebrations were spectacular. Some sent shivers up our spines. The moment was historic and brought tears to my eyes.

At 11:45pm, I had him open a bottle of champagne I had been chilling, while I got the glasses. He poured, as we stood in the middle of my living room watching the last 10 seconds of 1999 slip by. Then we toasted. As "Auld Lang Syne" played on tv, we hugged, then kissed. The kind that takes your breath away. We slowed danced there till the song ended. Our arms wrapped tight around each other, just swaying to the music and listening to each other's heartbeats. We had great conversation, great entertainment and plenty of drinks. We rang in the New Year together as he had promised. We had fantastic sex as well for the first time in the new year. I think the reason that particular night means so much to me, is because that was the first time he had ever put me before his drugs. And it was the last News Years we spent together. He moved out in December of 2000, before Christmas.

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Lemuel said...

The year started off well, so sorry that it ended so. I assume that he could not keep his priorities straight.

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