Friday, December 19, 2008

Good Boy

Last night I was a bit lazy, so I ordered a pizza for delivery. I happen to notice that afterward, Izzy sat by the front window. He would move around, look at me, then return to his post. It got me to thinking. I bet he has figured out what pizza means! He loves pizza crust and the occasional slice I give him, so maybe he has put two and two together. Smart dog! So today I figured I would list all the words or phrases he seems to understand. (And I love list.)
  1. Come here (when he feels like it)
  2. Jump up
  3. Bed time
  4. Go outside
  5. Go inside
  6. Sit
  7. Go poopy
  8. Stop (sometimes)
  9. Shake
  10. Izzy
  11. Fetch
  12. Eat
  13. No
  14. It's okay
  15. Gimme a kiss
  16. Wait (again, when he feels like it)
  17. Pizza

Now if I could teach him to wash dishes and vacuum, I'd have it made!

1 comment:

Java said...

Our recently deceased dog knew the word "bath" quite well. She hated baths. When we said "bath" her ears would droop and she tucked her tail between her legs. Then she'd hide under a low piece of furniture. She was about to learn how to spell b-a-t-h. She also knew "go for a ride." Her response for that was completely different, as she LOVED to ride in the car.

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