Thursday, December 18, 2008

Gift Ideas

Being ever so helpful, and with much experience with gift selections for people I've never met, I offer up these ideas for those on your Christmas gift list that you are having difficulty buying for.

This is perfect for the gay pot head on your list.
A great accessory piece for the pious church lady or man on your list.

For your secret crush.

For the oral fixated, candy lover in the office.

For those who love long soaks in the tub, that annoy you, the perfect gift.

This is great for any higher up that may have caused you grief over the past year.

I certainly hope this makes your gift shopping easier. Each will be opened with utter surprise and that gift is priceless!


Anonymous said...

OUCH, to that toilet paper!

Mark said...

Those are great! I'll take one each, please, Santa!

Lemuel said...

Oh those gummi bears, er, ah, whatever... and in rainbow colors too!

Ruffy said...

I'll take the bong and the penis shaped gummies please!

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