Monday, December 15, 2008

Let The Dust Fly

Today I chose to dust my floral arrangements. While I was at it, I figured I could get in some practice with my new camera.

My favorite arrangement. It's in the bathroom under a pair of Oriental watercolors.

This was behind the sofa this summer but I put it away for fall and winter.

This I keep out year round. I love the black and red combination. It sits on a black chest with a long mirror behind it.

This use to be on my coffee table, but when I got Izzy, I moved to the top of the stereo in the living room.

Not my favorite because of the monochromatic colors, but I like the shape and the vase. Its in the center of my dining room table but I put it up for fall and winter too. I will most likely redo it this spring and add some color.

1 comment:

Lemuel said...

I think I like the second one best, but they are all very nice.

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