Monday, December 22, 2008

What's Up

Yeah! It finally turned cold here yesterday! I can wear some more sweaters without sweating. I love cold weather. I put up another light fixture f0r my mother this afternoon in her new kitchen. That makes number 9 so far. I forgot to take my camera. I've got to remember I have one now. Afterward my father and I walked over to where we will be building my house next year to do some preliminary measurements. I'm all a tingle (or thawing out). I can't wait. I hope everyone is finished with their shopping now. Everything is wrapped up and waiting for delivery on Christmas Day. This has been a strange year. I'm glad it is drawing to a close. I've spent a lot of time online over the last few days, shopping for myself. There are all kinds of bargains out there this year. Sadly, not much I really need or want. I believe it isn't really a bargain, regardless of the price if you honestly don't need it. Well, back to more holiday cheer.


Lemuel said...

You have some good things to be excited about in the new year if you are building your new home! Super!

rptrcub said...

New house? Cool! Good luck with the building. Personally, cold: DO NOT WANT.

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