Friday, December 19, 2008

Crying Shame

I must say, that I'm really surprised by the responses to Obama's pick of Rick Warren in the gay community in general. Even more shocked that based on this, some now are considering withdrawing their support of Obama because of it. I do agree that Warren is someone I personally would not have chosen, but it was not my decision to make. It doesn't make me think any less of Obama because of it, nor will I withdraw my support. Realizing that politics has always and will continue, to make strange bedfellows, I look at his choice in that light. I do not have to agree personally with someone to be civil or have social discourse with them. I do not look for hidden meanings or agendas at every turn. This, I must admit, does seem awkward given Obama's other brilliant choices, but I don't see it as anything other than politics, an attempt to be inclusive. That even includes bigots and the ignorant. I believe after Saddleback, this was a great move to show forgiveness and to reach out to those that were misinformed. The very fact that Warren has accepted shows his followers that maybe some of what he espoused during the campaign could have been wrong, and by extension, other views he preached. After all, if he had such strong convictions, wouldn't he have declined? It should get a lot of the people rethinking what has came down from the pulpit. Given the current climate in the religious sphere, they may reconsider their blind support of such leaders as well. I think it was a brilliant political move that places a doubt in his followers. That is the first step in changing hearts and minds. It makes one ready for dialogue. Would I rather see someone else up there? Yes, but I'd rather see the other 40% that didn't vote for Obama come to see the error of their ways. And better yet, truly understand what love and forgiveness is really about. It certainly will get the ball rolling for the change this country needs.


Anonymous said...

I agree with your train of thought. However, if Warren was someone that was made a member of Obama's cabinet, then I might have been concerned.

rptrcub said...

Yes, I'm glad Obama will be the president. But I'm sorry, Dave, a lot of those 40% will never see the error of their ways.

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