Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Breaking and Entering

Many years ago when my ex and I were still together, we took of to my parents lake house for the weekend. I had gotten the key the day before so we could get in. My parents informed me that the lock was a little temperamental. We took my car and packed a few things we may need. A change of clothes, a couple of movies, some alcohol and a chess set. The lake house is located 65 miles from my house and there really isn't a direct route to it. We drove for over an hour, through winding roads, and the countryside before arriving and hour or so later. We talked about all sorts of topics on the way up as was normally the case with us. It was about 10am when we arrived Saturday morning. I was excited about him being there, and I think he was glad to get out of Charlotte for a while. We parked and gathered up our stuff and headed toward the porch. I fumbled around with the key. I stuck it in and turned it. Nothing. I tried again, this time holding the handle. Still nothing. I took the key out, turned it around and reinserted it. Nothing again. This went on for thirty minutes. Jiggling, pulling, pushing while turning the key, still the lock wouldn't give. I was beginning to wonder if they had given me the wrong key. We used his cell phone and called them. They assured me it the correct key, the lock was just a little difficult.
We both tried to no avail. Finally, I suggested going around to the kitchen door. It had those old fashioned roll out windows in it. I lifted up on the glass while he, with the longer arms, reached inside for the lock. Bingo! The saddest part was, while pulling up on the glass, I nearly blinded him when the glass shattered near his face as he reached in. But we were in. I walked in, opened the front door and let the weekend begin.

We walked down to the dock and sat for a while, just talking and watching the water lap against the sea wall. We went back and ordered a pizza, had a few drinks, and watched a movie. Just a lovely time. After about 11pm, I'm feeling fine, so is he. He pulls out the chess board and proceeds to explain the game to me. We start to play a game, him correcting and explaining as we go. I loved it. I think he was enjoying himself as well. We took a smoke break on the porch steps then headed back in for bed. We cuddled up and drifted of to sleep.

He was the first, last ans only guy I've ever taken to the lake house. We have since torn that one down and rebuilt a better one. The lock works properly on this door. That is one of my favorite memories of us. It still makes me smile after all these years.

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Lemuel said...

I thought there for a moment that your story was going to end with you determining that you were at the wrong lake house.

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