Monday, December 15, 2008

Fine Lines

Is it just me and my experiences or does it appear that way to everyone?

That there is a fine line between Trust and Stupidity.

And a fine line between Love and Stupidity.

Tell me what you think.


A Lewis said...

There are extremely fine lines between most emotions and such. People think of (for example) sadness and happiness as two distinctly opposite emotions when they are horribly closely related and exist a hair's breadth apart. As do many other ones. So, no, it's no surprise to me. Like that love/hate deal.

Lemuel said...

All I know is that far too many times in my life I have stupidly trusted and/or loved another.

Anonymous said...

I think that if you choose to trust someone and they lie to you or break the trust--it's a reflection of them not you.

But I also think you have to be aware of someone's track record. If you have reason to not trust someone, I think it pays to be cautious. You have to be hoest with yourself and see if there are red flags, that for whatever the reason, you are unwilling to see...

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