Tuesday, December 16, 2008

That's a Wrap

I love wrapping gifts for Christmas and birthdays. I find it very relaxing. I imagine the looks on the recipients faces as they pull out their gifts in admiration and awe, realizing that once again, I found the perfect gift for them. Actually, I've been fairly lucky on that front. I pay attention through out the year for little clues and make a mental note. I then ask questions about things I've heard them mention. I ask my mother and sister for the correct sizes for everyone and if they know of any special desires or needs for someone they may have heard expressed. Then, after setting my budget, and carefully compiling the list, I start shopping. It usually only requires a day or two at most to locate the items. Then I swoop in and snatch them up. I'm usually done in less that two hours. Sometimes even less if one place has more than one item I need on the list. This year was amazingly easy. Everyone got gift cards to their favorite places, along with a little something for immediate gratification. Eight gifts purchased for $236.00 in under 75 minutes. Everything is sorted into a box for each recipient and now awaits to be wrapped. Bow and paper at the ready. I'll do that this evening, while enjoying some nice Christmas music, candlelight and a glass of white wine. I just love the holidays!


TigerYogiji said...

Next year, you're shopping for my list! ;)

Lemuel said...

I think I may consider outsourcing the task to you as well.

afod said...

You definitely put a lot of preparation into this. I am one of those last minute shoppers who soon starts getting lost and stressed trying to find the ideal gift.

I echo your sentiments about gift wrapping. But I digress as I continue to unwrap the hunk at the top of your post. ;-)

A Lewis said...

You can have it. I wrap as fast and furious as I can so that I can get it done ASAP. It's also probably why we have chosen to not buy gifts for anyone any longer. Just call me Scrooge.

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