Saturday, December 27, 2008


I'm glad the weekend is here! With Christmas 2008, officially behind us, we can now concentrate on the year ahead of us. 2009 promises great changes, not only in government but hopefully in our personal lives. Resolutions are upon us, but without effort, they will rarely be made manifest. Choose them carefully!
I'm looking forward to the new year. Many great things are in the works. A new home that I've dreamt about for 20 years. Another semester at school. My parents will be moving as well. I'm slowly getting my current dwelling in order after the last bout of depression caused me to ignore it for many months. I hope to share all these journeys on the blog as things progress. I doubt everything will go smoothly, it rarely does. As long as I keep the momentum moving forward at even the smallest pace, eventually I will reach my destination. The same holds true for everyone. Don't despair, just keep plugging along. We will all arrive at our goals.


Lemuel said...

Make every journey with your eyes fixed on the destination ahead.

Anonymous said...

Here's to good health and happiness as you enjoy a new year Dave! :-)

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