Sunday, December 28, 2008

Suddenly, A Light

I was glancing around the trailer today, I realized I have a lot of useless crap! I'm not sure how it multiplied while I wasn't looking, but my goodness at the stuff. I surmised, that when it comes time to move, I'm only taking what I really like and have a place for, the rest is going in a yard sale. Maybe I can recoup some of the money I spent on all this junk. Right now, there is so much stuff, that I rotate things in and out of storage so I can enjoy some of it. Occasionally I even surprise myself by rediscovering something I forgot I had. It sounds easy, but I know how I am. I'll talk myself into keeping it "just in case", I need it. I guess I'll just have to be brutal when sorting out what stays and what goes. I have a while to make peace with the process. It will be a while before the house is built and ready to move into.


Lemuel said...

Good luck with that! When you run low on crap, give me a holler. I've got plenty I can give you!

Anonymous said...

Or you can modify the plans for the new house to incorporate more storage space for all that stuff. ;-)

Java said...

I have so much junk that I need to just get rid of. But it always seems like such a huge task to start processing it. So I sit around and don't do much of anything and the junk accumulates.

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