Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dr Strange

As a kid, just like most boys, I indulged in comics books once in a while. I didn't get hung up too much on them, but they were a couple I looked forward to. The most favorite of mine was Dr Strange. I thought he was so hot! Tall, handsome, facial hair! Just yummy! The fact that he developed magical powers after a debilitating accident was a bonus. That's probably what sparked my interest in the occult. I wanted to be him on a subconscious level. I imagined myself a dapper, unassuming gentleman of privilege with a secret. I feared nothing or no one. I could handle myself. I could only use my powers for good, as bound by oath to do. I had many daydreams of saving the world from certain evil behind the scenes, stealthily doing good for mankind. I followed along in his adventures as though they were my own. As an adult, I had forgotten about Dr Strange for many years. Several years ago, while cleaning and organizing a storage closet, I stumbled across one his comic books. I reread it with renewed interest. Yesterday to combat boredom, I was browsing around, and what did I find? A dvd of Dr. Strange. I ordered it! I can't wait to get it and relive a bit of my past again.


Lemuel said...

Here's a generation gap. I had never heard of him.

afod said...

I don't ever know if I heard of him in my youth. It seems like the only comic books I purchased were of Archie and the Superheroes. I guess I need to do some "googling." :-)

CawfeeGuy said...

ok ok ok ok i've been reading comics, off and on, since i'm 14 and Dr Strange NEVER looked THAT hot. WOOF.

~P~ said...

In case you have any interest, there are a few weblogs devoted to Dr. Strange.

My own;
Sanctum Sanctorum Comix



among them.

Feel free to check them out.

Oh... and I'm not sure WHICH Doctor Strange movie you ordered...

the 1978 "made for TV" live-action


the 2006 animated "direct to DVD" movie

Both are flawed, but the 1978 is the better of the two.
The recent one butchers his origin story and adds a lot of useless extra baggage to the tale.

However, they are both enjoyable.

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