Friday, December 26, 2008

My Personal Stonehenge

Since I'll be starting construction on a house next year, I've been toying with ideas for a garden. Not exactly a Stonehenge, but a meditation/memory garden of some sort. Thus far my only perimeters are it must be circular, low maintenance, and contain a french pleurant (eternal weeper). I can't decide what I want in the middle. It's between a fire pit, fountain or meditation platform of some sort. Good thing I have time to make up my mind. I do want some flowering plants with an evergreen hedge behind them. I would like to capture an Asian, Zen, ancient, natural feel. Something simple. The idea is to relax and meditate there, so nothing distracting or exciting, just calm and peaceful.


Lemuel said...

cool idea.

larry said...

all the best to you,dave and your new house!you are a friend!

Ur-spo said...

What a fantastic plan !
All my gardens tend to be work/activity gardens.
I could use a zen garden like this one.
Do keep us posted on the progress.

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