Sunday, December 14, 2008

Etheral Music

Long ago, shortly after forming a close friendship with a guy, we would hang together from time to time. We would just chill out, talk, drink and gossip about the cute guys at the clubs. I never will forget this incident. It happened maybe the third or fourth time we had hung out together.

We still didn't know a lot about each other at the time, our friendship was still in it's infancy. We happened to run into one another at a bar that evening and wound up after it closed back at his place for more cocktails. Now I love this fellow, not in a sexual way but we just genuinely clicked when we first met and became fast friends. So this particular night, he wanted me to hear one of his favorite songs. He searched around till he found it among his many Cd's. It was a country western ballet, very slow paced, very pleasant (not surprising since he taught country line dancing at the club one night a week). As we were listening to the song, I was concentrating hard on hearing the lyrics; he started singing along with it. After the third or fourth line, I joined in. I was singing it word for word with the CD and him. I recall looking at him and listening intently and somehow, the words just came to me, even the pauses. When the song ended, he said, " I didn't think you knew this song." I replied, " I don't. That was the first time I've ever heard it." We both had a rather stunned expression. I still can't explain it to this day or recall the song or artist. Odd huh?

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