Saturday, December 6, 2008

Hello Out There

It's a quite day around the hood, including blogland. I've dusted, done laundry, had a nap, blogged, walked the dog several times, shopped online, and I still need to go to the trash dump and the grocery store and vacuum the floors. I may need another nap first. Now I'm bored with being responsible for the day. I need some excitement in my life. I need the stimulation. I thought about watching a movie, but dog gone, I've seen all of mine at least three times, most five or more and there isn't anything available for rent that trips my trigger. What's a guy to do? Yes there are many things I could be doing, but I'm a man of moods. I have to be in the right mood and frame of mind to tackle them. Right now, I'm not. I'll come up some way of entertaining myself. If you stop by, say "Hi". That would be exciting.


larry said...

not a lot going on here. supposed to get cccccold tonight single numbers!went out for hot chocolate just now. might watch bourne ultimatum later.

Kevin in Danbury said...

Ran some errands and now watching a movie before going bowling...plan on having a wasted day on sunday cause its supposed to snow.

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