Sunday, December 7, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree

I'm reminded of a funny story about my Christmas tree one year. Before I met my last ex, gave up drinking and had just recently moved back from Florida, I met a guy in at a bar in the local mall. We hit it off pretty good. We went out several times, staying over at each others place a few times. Once, I had woke up early and he soon followed. We both still weren't dressed yet. I was sitting in the chair near the Christmas tree in front of the window, when he walked over. He was a slim fellow, so he figured he would just plop down on the arm of the chair. Well, obviously early morning coordination was a gift he lacked. He missed the arm and landed in the tree, knocking it over. Ornaments went rolling, his arms and legs flailing about and the look of udder embarrassment were priceless. The image of a naked guy falling into a lite up Christmas tree was just too funny. I helped him up, the whole while he profusely apologized, straightened up the tree, and picked up the few broken ornament from the floor. He just stood there naked and red faced apologizing over and over. I told don't worry about it.
We dated for a little while longer, but it just wasn't working out. I let him borrow my truck to drive to work. The next morning he tells me it is stuck in a ditch at an apartment complex. I figured he was picking up a co worker. Come to find out, he was visiting his ex. So not only was I pissed about that but it cost me to take a cab over to the complex and pay to have a wrecker pull my truck back on to the pavement. He never even offered to pay for any of it. Needless to say that was the end of that.

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Lemuel said...

I should hope it was the end! I'm not sure he should have survived.

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