Saturday, December 13, 2008

Welcome to Saturday

Good Saturday morning sleepy heads! Another weekend is upon us. We inch closer to The Day. Before you know it Christmas will be over and a new year will begin. I'm excited about both. Christmas is always my favorite time of year, just because of the sheer exuberance of it and all the good will, which really should be spread year round. A new year sounds wonderful after the last twelve months. I also want to thank my blog followers. I'm honored that you have found my blog to be worthy on some level to incorporate its reading into your life. A big thanks also for the many of you that have left comments. It is a blessing to hear your thoughts and a huge comfort to realize that I'm not as alone as I feel sometimes. I look forward to our time shared together. I get all a tingle when I see someone left me a comment or begin following my blog. I really can't express my heart felt gratitude enough. For those that pass through, I thank you as well. Please consider saying "Hello". I would love to hear from you, too!


larry said...

hope you have a happy holiday season,dave! and may santa bring you something tall,dark,and handsome...

Lemuel said...

"..get all a tingle.."

oh. tingle.

not tinkle.


rptrcub said...

I look forward more to having a break from work than I do the trappings of the holidays.

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