Thursday, December 11, 2008

Scratching My Head

Over the course of my treatments, I've had therapist, shrinks, doctors, counselors, and of course my parents ask me the same question over and over again. I've yet to come up with a satisfactory answer, too me anyway. It's always, "What do you want to do with your life?" To which my standard reply is usually along the lines of "being happy, productive and loved". Vague is an understatement. They usually follow up with "What are you happy doing?" To which I reply vaguely again, "I have a lot of interest that makes me happy. I can't choose just one."

You may be able to see the problem here. Not to toot my horn, but I excel at many things if it captures and holds my interest. There in is the rub. How to hone in on just a few or even a couple, much less only one, for the rest of your life? I can layout parameters and talents. Fill in a nice little grid based on logic and rational. It seems really easy that way. But to put it into practice can be problematic. Despite good intentions of myself or others, something always seems missing from the equation. After 33 jobs in my life, I know a few things about the hiring process and what skills are needed to perform the task. I'm no expert but I am super informed.

Now to chose something that met the basics that interest me is simple. A good work schedule, great benefits, a bit challenging but not overtly frustrating, allows for creative and analytical thinking and a decent salary, are all I look for in a job. If it doesn't include nights and weekend work so much the better. If the salary is a little low but allows for quick growth or advancement, not a problem. If I can have basic insurance coverage and paid vacation, I'm good to go. It's the other things that are harder to define and delivery upon. I'm not hard to please. I've had jobs I've hated but stuck with till I found something better or the situation improved. I don't consider myself above anyone or any position. I just have came to an understanding about how my mind works in these environments. After 33 jobs, you should be paying attention to the details.

Which brings me to my current predicament. I need a direction to follow, a path that leads to my very simple, basic goals. The last few months have shown me how much I enjoy the creative aspect of web design and computer graphics. Blogging has reinforced my love of writing. So somewhere between these two things lies a new career path waiting to be discovered. It would appear at this stage, that computers will be a vital component of that plan. I'll just have to figure it out. Any suggestions, feel free to comment.

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Lemuel said...

Do you have any knowledge of web design? languages (such as html or javascript)? If you have a basic skill set, perhaps you could volunteer to help develop or maintain a web site for a non-profit? (perhaps your local gay group or an animal rescue organization). By doing so, you might discover whether this is something you want to pursue more seriously and even develop some skills and some resume entries at the same time. I may also help to get you out among 'em and have a positive effect on some of your health issues.

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