Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Here is something interesting that happened last night. I hesitate to mention it but think I would feel better if I did, so here it goes. I went to bed early around midnight, usually I'm up till 1am or 2am. Despite my two naps during the day, I was a little worn out. The "pup" and I settled into the bed, with him under the covers with his head toward the foot, all snuggled up against me. I was having a hard time falling asleep, so I just tuned into his breathing and listened. After about an hour of this, his breathing changed to very rapid and shallow. I figured it was doggie REM. He usually does it fairly quickly, with little barks and growls and some jerky foot motion to go along with it. I listened but this seemed different. I had closed my eyes, visualizing myself sleeping. Then, his breathing became more rapid and shallow like he was hyperventilating. That's when something odd occurred that snapped me back to reality. I could have sworn I heard "Davey, help me". Startled, I rolled over to see where it came from. It sounded like it came from Izzy. Now I've had interesting things happen to me before, but never heard a dog speak. His breathing pattern continued and he almost seemed to have a convulsion. I petted him and lifted up the covers. He woke up, jump down and laid beside the bed on the floor. His weird breathing continued a bit longer. He then moved to the other side of the bed to sleep on the rug and was fine. He rejoined me under the covers later on that night. The strangest thing about it, if that's possible, was he didn't seem himself in some way. And the only person that ever call me 'Davey" was my grandmother who passed 20 years ago. Of course, never having "heard" my dog speak to me before, maybe that's his preference. Regardless, it was an interesting night. I feel like I need to go back to bed again and sleep.


TigerYogiji said...

I hope that Izzy is okay. Maybe it was your grandmother watching over the two of you who let you know that Izzy needed some help?

A Lewis said...

That is one heck of a wild story! I have no personal stories like that, but have definitely heard of strange things happening before. Kind of like the UFO theory and all of that. And I know there is a serious connection beyond this earth to our pets.

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