Tuesday, December 9, 2008

White Christmas

It would be great if it would snow. Right now its a little rainy and kinda warm, not exactly what puts you in the mood for a Christmas carol. I remember when I was a wee little lad it would get cold and stay cold from the end of October till the middle of February. One year shortly before or after Christmas, when I was about 7 or 8 years old, it snowed like the dickens here. It was about a foot deep. I was sick with the flu and was laying around the house in my PJ's and robe, feeling sorry for myself because I couldn't go outside and play in it like my younger sister. My grandfather came for a visit and saw my distress. He wrapped me up in a blanket and carried me outside. He carried my all over the yard to see the trees and bushes, even bent down so I could put my hand in the snow. When my grandfather broke his hip last December and was back home mending, I stayed with him at night. I asked him if he remembered that. He said he did. I told him, that if it snowed, I was gonna carry him out in the snow just like he did for me, to return the favor. He just chuckled. I'm really gonna miss that man, but I will always have my memories.


joe said...

that's a lovely post. sweet and kinda Christmasy too. :)

Lemuel said...

I actually got misty over this post. What a wonderful memory of your grandfather! Those are the C'mas gifts that connot be bought with Mastercard.

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