Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Scrooge Meme

Okay! Okay! I tried resisting scooping this from Spo. I waited for over 12 hours till the newness wore off. It's the Scrooge Meme that he cooked up himself.

Have you actually read the book “A Christmas Carol” ?
No, but I saw the movie..

Do you have any relatives you would rather not see (but have to)this Christmas?
No, I like most of them. The ones I'm not fond of I tolerate.

Do you have an cloying employee who is asking for something this Christmas, like more time off? Not at the moment, but I did have an employee ask off for the entire month of December to return to Yugoslavia to visit his family.I let him.

Have you ever been visited by a Spirit? Sort of. (See "Fallen Angel" post)

Who is the biggest “Scrooge” in your family? Me. I'm the cheapest and least jolly most of the time.

Have you ever eaten Roast Goose? No, but I have tried duck pate'.

How about a flaming plum pudding? No, but about everything I cook is flaming.

What is your favorite memory of a Christmas Past? Christmas when my grandparents and friends were still alive to celebrate with.

What is “Bah Humbug” about Christmas this year? I'm unemployed and no friends left to share it with.

Which version of “A Christmas Carol” is your favorite? No clue, I've only seen two versions but don't remember the best. Didn't care much for the Bill Murry updated one.

Tiny Tim - sweet or obnoxious? Sweet. How could a young, poor, cripple boy not be?


Peter said...

Even when you're unemployed and in a depression you still have friends... you have us your readers from around the world.

As soon as you can go out of the house and you've cleaned the place and yourself up, try to do some volluntary work, it brings you into contact with others.


Ur-spo said...

thank you for playing
I recommend you read the book - good read !

Lemuel said...

"...No, but about everything I cook is flaming."

Well, of course! you're gay! *grin*

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