Thursday, November 20, 2008

Big 3 Auto Makers

I realize the economy sucks. I realize that things cost more to produce than it once did. I realize letting the car companies go under would be tragic in this economic environment. But really people, the taxpayers have bailed them out before. Did they make a concerted effort to reform themselves the last time? Have they scaled back the offerings, boosted fuel economy, or done a bang up job on hybrids or quality? No, they haven't. They made feeble attempts to placate, not inroads to lower emissions or fuel independence. Granted, they are better vehicles than they once were, but foreign auto makers whip their collective butts at every turn. The sad thing is they could have. We could have had electric vehicles a decade ago and the infrastructure to support them. Why do we not? Short answer greed. The oil industry and the auto makers have been bedfellows for a very long time. The lobbyist, the current administration and others have conspired to keep America addicted to foreign oil and our gas guzzlers. And we as consumers have let them. If the auto industry can't provide what is needed and adapt to the market like other businesses that don't ask for repeated taxpayer hand outs, then let them go under. Other, better suited companies will spring up in their place to supply the market with products. If they want money to subsidize their failure to step up to the challenge in the 21st century, then maybe it is time to let them go the way of the horse and carriage. Where is the accountability? The innovation? The motivation? If we continue with the same products, getting the same results and are no better off, then what is the point in helping them out yet again?

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rptrcub said...

I hate to say that I agree with Mitt Romney on this one, and generally I agree with the union movement and I would hate to see anyone hurt, but they really just need to declare bankruptcy.

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