Sunday, November 30, 2008

Curious Things Around the House Meme

The mix media originals by Chuck Calhoun.

The tin oil can craft piece.

The bronze statue of Pan with the huge erection.

I scooped this meme from Ur-Spo. It was actually fun to do.
In this meme one talks about your house or abode, and the objects therein.

Favorite place in the house – The living room

Most valuable object– My dog, Izzy, followed by my jewelry

Biggest piece of junk – The living furniture, it is worn out but comfortable

Most beautiful thing – Two mixed media originals by Chuck Calhoun

Most ‘talked about’ item when others come to visit – A tin oil can craft piece

Most appreciated item – Izzy, my computers and my books
“If there was money…” – I would move
Most aggravating matter – Not enough space

The most “queer” object – A bronze statue of Pan with a huge erection

Oddest thing about the house – Me

Most whimsical object – I have crystal prisms hanging in front of the windows

Most depressing object – The backyard and lack of privacy

Most hazardous thing around the house – A Japanese katana sword

The object that evokes the most anxiety – The kitchen sink, it is always full of dirty dishes


larry said...

the dirty dishes are why the statue below has that look on its face!

Ur-spo said...

How nice!
I have the same Pan statue! - or had, til Someone made me get rid of it.
However, Pan sits contently by the pool now.
He is one of my favorite characters.

Ultra Dave said...

Ur-spo, I guess we both have exceptional taste.

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