Sunday, November 23, 2008

Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Like everyone, I'm awaiting the repeal of the military ban on gays. I appreciate Obama's cautious approach to the subject. I'm grateful that we now have a president that can actually say the word gay, without looking like a giggling frat boy. But given the thousands of men and women that were forced out because of DADT, the war on two fronts, the exhaustion of our troops from shorten leave or extended active duty, and lower enlistment numbers, I would think it would be a bit higher up on the list of priorities. I also read that Obama was considering reinstatement of those released because of the ban. I know that politics, regardless of where you stand, is a lot of comprises to achieve your goal. However, given that high ranking military officers and even the troops, not to mention the general public have no problem with gays in the service, should be dealt with as soon as he is sworn in. It could be the first executive order. It benefits everyone to do so. Yes, there will be some dissension within the ranks, but if the troops are true professionals, they will do the job required as ordered. Since lowering the standards for enlistment, this would be a step up to correct that. It is a win-win for all involved and a huge step for equality. Maybe for a change, the United States should follow the lead of some other countries. They seem to be doing a better job at it than we are.

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rptrcub said...

Agreed, however, I see the ensuing shitstorm afterward about giving partners Tricare benefits, and etc.

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