Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

With all the election stuff and turmoil over Prop 8, I had forgotten I wanted to post about my parents anniversary! Thankfully, I didn't forget it entirely, just the writing about it. My parents were high school sweethearts, that ran away to get married. After going before the Justice of the Peace, they each went back home to their respective parents, like nothing had changed. My mother's parents were furious when they found out. She was an only child and they had big plans for her. My father's parents were more concerned about if they were to be grandparents soon while still trying to raise 4 other kids. Somehow, they made it through, being as young as they were. No jobs, no credit, no money. Parents that weren't exactly thrilled with what they had done. Like most couples, they had their share of arguments. I remember some of them from my youth. I often wondered why they put up with each other. But, they seem to be perfect for each other now. They have grown comfortable with one another over the years. My mother had some complications that resulted in having a hysterectomy, which was common place back then. Thankfully, they decided to adopt to start a family. Both my younger sister and I were adopted as infants. My sister is blonde haired and blue eyed and I have dark eyes and hair like my parents, even some of the gray now. From the very beginning, I was never concerned with who my birth parents were, nor my sister either. We could have not found better parents. I'm so proud of all the things my parents have accomplished for themselves. Starting with nothing and now being in their retirement quite comfortable. They are the most loving, generous people I know and try to emulate. They have taught me much about life, love, family and charity. So here is to both of you, Happy 52nd Anniversary!!

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TigerYogiji said...

Happy Anniversary to them both!!

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