Saturday, November 29, 2008


I'm gonna share a little secret with y'all. I watch porn occasionally, (well a lot actually). I know. I know. Everyone is shocked, appalled, aghast that I would even consider doing such. I just can't help myself. I like to look but only at certain types of porn. Not that real freaky stuff either. Even "normal" porn for the most part isn't that thrilling. I already know how it will end, what position, how many there were. What's the point? Seen it. Done it. I enjoy the hidden cam, the amateur stuff. It's unique and the guys aren't all pumped up gym dollies that you've seen a thousand times before. The thing I find hard to believe is the so called "straight guys" that do all this gay stuff. I realize with the economy the way it is some may really need the money. But come on, some perform like it isn't their first rodeo. I honestly have a hard time believing that they could be offered that much money to make them change their mind about doing another guy. I doubt they have pockets deep enough to get me to do a woman. I understand that it's all fantasy stuff and on that level I forgive them. I know that sexuality is a continuum not an absolute for most people. I certainly have had a few straight guys want to experiment. Of course, being the kind hearted guy I am, I obliged a few. But I seriously doubt any would have wanted it to be recorded. I think I'll just watch them, and stop analysing it. It is what it is. Porn.


larry said...

don't over think it. as long as straight guys only get sucked, they don't think they're gay...

larry said...

i can't even kiss a girl,and for money????

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