Sunday, November 30, 2008


From the first time I ever set foot into a gay bar, I wanted one of my very own. I loved the thumping bass and the light show. I even DJ'ed for a while, long time ago. I just love the excitement. So far it hasn't happened, though I once did a business plan for my father to look over in hopes he would help with financing. He isn't one to take risk, so there went that idea. Even though I no longer go out, I still entertain the idea of owning and operating one. I've done lots of research into the cost associated with setting up a bar (besides spending most of my 20's in one). The huge dance clubs are horribly expensive. The lighting and sound systems are expensive, especially when you need the "wow" factor to draw a crowd. Stock and bar equipment aren't that bad. The interior finish can also run a pretty penny. If I scale back on my dream a little bit and only do a local watering hole type of bar, the expense drops dramatically. All you really need is an upgrade of an off the shelf sound system and a theme for the decor. The middle of the road is a male strip club. It is similar to the local watering hole concept. However you do need to add a stage or platform, and upgrade the light and sound systems. I've actually worked the numbers on all three types. The break even point for a club if you manage your expenses and don't go overboard with the start up cost is less than 2.5 years. Payroll doesn't need to be a budget buster because most of the staff is part time and have full time employment with benefits elsewhere. The return on the cost of liquor stock is very high. The other big expense is operating capital. You need to include a minimum of 3 months expenses, I include 6 months worth to safe. The utilities aren't too bad. Advertising is a huge chunk. Promoting your business and keeping it adaptable to the market is paramount in a successful operation. I've tinkered with this for years. I've sketched out floor plans, even looked at buildings, called for prices and searched the Internet for equipment and furnishings. At my age now, it probably is a pipe dream, but if I won a lot of money in the lottery, I would do it in some form.


Ur-spo said...

My experience is Intuition tells us where we need to go and do but it is immediately bombarded by all the fears, shoulds, what ifs and vanities (what will 'they' think). Listen carefully to the intuition.

Lemuel said...

I'd just like to be a few decades younger and go to one! :)

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