Thursday, November 20, 2008

What Kind of Blog Are You?

This is so cool! I read about this over at Michael-in-Norfolk, who found it on Andrew Sullivan's blog. Give it a shot. See what it says about your blog. It takes less than 15 seconds.

ESTP - The Doers

The active and play-ful type. They are especially attuned to people and things around them and often full of energy, talking, joking and engaging in physical out-door activities. The Doers are happiest with action-filled work which craves their full attention and focus. They might be very impulsive and more keen on starting something new than following it through. They might have a problem with sitting still or remaining inactive for any period of time


CJ said...

I'm afraid of what it might say of my blog.

Ultra Dave said...

I'm sure it would have glowing reviews. How not with penis and doggie pics?

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