Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I guess fall is gone now. It has turned amazingly cold here literally overnight. Monday the temperature was around 55 and sunny. Today, windy and in the 40's. Tonight the temperature is predicted to be 23 degrees! Normally, I'm hot natured, but today, I just can't seem to get warm. I guess I needed time to acclimate to the change. I've worn a wool sweater around the house all day. I dread waking up in the morning. Nothing worse than getting out of warm cozy bed and have your balls slap your chin because of the chill. The furnace has a mind of it's own as well. Sometimes it will click on when it reaches the preset temperature, sometimes it won't. This afternoon, I have had to reset it several times for it to come on. Morning is gonna be a blast. My neighbors and I share a septic tank. I haven't had any problems in my trailer, obviously she has. The park owner sent some guys to fix it for her. In the process, they tore my back yard all to pieces. That frost that forms in the morning will turn to a muddy mess. That's where I take the dog out to do his business. Now it's all lumpy, the grass is gone. There are roots and rocks all over the place. I certainly hope she plans on fixing it. Well, if being cold and having no grass in the backyard is all that is wrong in my life, then I'm doing pretty good.


rptrcub said...

I personally have learned that after losing a lot of my "insulation" that staying warm is a lot harder for me now.

CJ said...

I am much the same way. There's no way I'm going without AC but I can do without the heat till it gets to about 60 degrees in the house. I do notice getting a bit chilled across the shoulders the last few days but I just wear a sweatshirt or my robe. Lets faace it we can keep putting on clothes but there's only so much we can take off in the summer.;) Atleast with my dogs around.

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